Sunday, 13 February 2011

Sunset Vista


Sunset Vista was inspired my some Mexican holiday villas I had been looking at. Since I had just got Late Night, I wanted to create a luxury beach villa for the rich and famous. I had a lot of fun playing this lot with my Rock Star sim, Amanda Moon. It is very playable, with lots of things to keep your sims happy. Amanda loved it!
The thing that started the whole build was the large round section of the house, full of bug windows. The views from this home are incredible. I also wanted there to be lots of stairs and multi level access to the home, this creates an interesting build. I also made full use of the new half walls, and stages (Yay!) which add interesting shape and character. Obviously the pool was another major feature and I had a ton of fun building the landscaping around the pool. My recent vacation to Las Vegas, gave me the idea to create different areas around the pool. The Roman Bed, hot tub, fire pit and lounge areas, really achieve the look I was going for. Luxury, relaxation, holiday in the sun.
For the interiors I wanted to keep things luxurious but also functional. I made sure the kitchen and bathroom were easily accessed from outside. The large kitchen has all the modern amenities, without being overly formal, it has a more beachy feel to it. The sitting room I wanted to be modern and unique, but still fit in with the rest of the house. As for the dining room, the views are spectacular, and the table itself was a clever combination of tables and a display stand. Upstairs you will find a grand piano to sit at, overlooking the pool, with some seating for friends to chill out. This house only has one double bedroom, with a balcony and a luxury bathroom. Guests can always crash on the Roman Bed outside lol. There is also a small study with its own balcony.
I hope you enjoy Sunset Vista as much as I do. Please remember to rec if you like it. :-)


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