Sunday, 13 February 2011

Fawn Cottage


Fawn Cottage is based on a house in my town. I pass it often on my travels and fell in love with it. I just adore the style, the windows and the faded blue and yellow colouring. I feel I have really nailed the look, although I did pretty up the gardens a little more.
The roof was the most challenging part to get right on this build. Due to the roof style, it created all kinds of problems with the walls and upstairs rooms. Sheer persistence got me there in the end. And as a result gave me some cute little nooks to fill.
For the interior, I decided to go with an old cottage style, a home that granny and gramps would still be living in after their children had left home. I kept patterns quite busy, furniture old yet comfy and had fun creating a garage for grampa. I also created a spare room for grandma to do her sewing and crafts. Of course grandma loves having the grandchildren over for the weekend, so she had one of the bedrooms decorated especially for them.
I hope you like Fawn Cottage, please don't forget to rec if you do. :-)


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