Sunday, 13 February 2011

The Lodge


The Lodge was created for a challenge set by Stu-art, to house the main characters in his story "The Antics of Stu-Ghost and Eric".
I wanted to create a warm cozy lodge, but still keeping it modern. I think I found the right balance of rustic woods, and modern furnishings to make it work. My vision for this build initially was a wooden lodge with stone accents and a walkout with stone walls, leading down to the pool. This was more challenging than I thought since I was restricted by lot size, due to the challenge specifics. To combat the lack of space inside the lodge I added a basement with a hidden entrance outside. (You can find that yourself :p) The basement contains an office/art room, and a luxurious spa room, with hot tub and sauna. The main house has a good sized eat in kitchen with a separate dining area. The sitting room has a fire place, and I somehow managed to fit in a grand piano. Upstairs has two double bedrooms each with balcony access, and a large luxury bathroom.
I enjoyed taking part in Stu's challenge. I hope you like The Lodge, if so please show your support and click the rec button. :-)


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