Sunday, 7 November 2010

Jasnik's Dream Home


Jasnik's Dream Home was built for the town of TSS, over at The Simmers Society. It took me a long time as I had to keep going back to it, in between other commitments in the Sims community.
My inspiration for this lot, came when I was on holiday at Las Vegas. While there, I made a floor plan and incorporated many interesting things I saw there. One major inspiration was the atrium style sitting room that overlooks the pool. I wanted my sim to be able to relax in beautiful surroundings, so she is spoiled with areas to sit and just enjoy the quiet or to spend time with friends. There is a poolside patio with loungers and a chess table; also there is a rooftop patio with BBQ and seating. There is access to a bar from the rooftop patio, so no need to trek all the way to the kitchen. Having friends over I felt having a pool house would be appropriate, don’t want people walking through the house dripping wet. Also the home cinema is perfect to have friends over to watch the big game. Go Chelsea! There is a guest suite for when they don’t want to drive home after a glass or two of nectar.
Seeing as this is my dream home I have included other features that reflect my personality. I just love the office/studio, for sewing, making floor plans, simming and many other hobbies and interests. I love to cook great meals, so I made a feature of the kitchen, one of my favourite parts is the island with seating and a butchers block. Now every creator needs a place to unwind and refuel all that creative energy, so what better than plenty of baths to soak in, and a sauna in the pool house.
This house has two double bedroom suites, 2 bathrooms, pool with pool house and sauna, a laundry room, luxury feature kitchen, dining area, home cinema, large office/studio, and two garages.
Well I hope you like it, and as always please don’t forget to leave me a comment and recommend.

Sunday, 1 August 2010

Chantilly House

I started this build for the Simmers Society project to revamp Twinbrook. We could chose from several styles found in the New Orleans area. I had not built in this style before so it was fun to try something different. I decided to go with a double gallery house and began building on 162 Savannah Lane. After much playing around I finally combined the use of columns and arches to create the style, then finished the look off by using a lacy pattern on the arches and some of the roofline. I found the interior layout to be very challenging, as I knew I wanted to have a double stairway. My stubbornness makes life so hard. I made it work after much trial and error, and I am pleased with the result. I would have preferred a little more space in the kitchen, but it does contain all your Sims would need.
For the interior decor I tried to follow a French style using bright and airy colours for most of the house, and then more opulent rich colours for certain rooms. My absolute favourite part of this house has got to be the master bedroom suite. It has a large bedroom which leads through the dressing room and into a luxury bathroom. I just love the layout and decor here.
The landscaping all began with the idea of old red bricks. I had a shape in mind for the path, and then filled in here and there with plants that seemed appropriate for the region. During my research I found that most gardens were more green rather than many splashes of colour, with some tropical plants. The pond and bridge came about after surrounding a bed with a wall. I thought it would look nice to put another wall alongside it to create the effect of a bridge, and then I created the pond to finish it off. A few magnolia trees and I was all done.
This took me longer than the average build because I was researching and learning along the way. Also I changed things many times until I felt I had got it right. Hopefully it was all worth it, and many simmers enjoy playing it as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Monday, 5 July 2010

The Bradshaw Estate

The Bradshaw Estate was created for a community challenge run by Ricslady over at The Simmers Society, I also entered it into Fidlertens Victorian challenge. Ricslady wanted to fill her town Colcastle Ridge, with historical homes. The home had to be set in the 1800's, so I decided to build my house around the idea that people travelled by horse. I got the basic shape of the house and added the covered entrance so that Mr and Mrs Bradshaw would not get wet going from carriage to house. I also created a carriageway that leads to the stables round the back of the house.

The kitchen was also a room I wanted to transport back in time. I built a basement and put in the kitchen and living quarters for the cook/housemaid, and the stable master/gardener. I created an open fire for cooking, work tables instead of counters and a larder. I did make sure to put in an old fashioned stove for the cook just in case. The staff living quarters are simple with a room each and a shared bathroom.

The main house is very grand and carries the theme well. I have tried to include a fireplace in most rooms as this would have been the only real source of heat. I had a lot of fun working on this project and also a great deal of fun playtesting it with the Bradshaws and their staff.

Built on 800 Ketternorth Drive, Colcastle Ridge this house is worth a little over 87k. It has 3 bedrooms plus two small rooms for the servants, 2 1/2 bathrooms, sitting room, dining room, stables and vegetable garden. This lot contains store items and cc patterns only.

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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Beachside Apartments.

Unfortunately I had to remove this lot, as it was effected by a corrupt object that got passed on to me via the exchange. I appologise for any inconvenience to anybody who may have downloaded it. I have checked everything else in my studio and it is completely clean.

Beachside Apartments is a modern building containing two apartments, in a prime location with amazing ocean views. Each apartment has an open plan kitchen and living room, 1 double bedroom and modern bathroom. The apartments benefit from an attached garage, pool and patio furniture, and access to the beach. Built on 477 Sunnyside Blvd, in Sunset Valley for $91,260 these apartments are ideal for young couples. No cc or store items were used in this build, please visit the link for the full slideshow Slide Show