Friday, 1 April 2011

Welcome to Jasnik's Showroom

Hello and welcome to my blog. I decided to create this blog as a means of showcasing the creations I make using The Sims 3. There are many failings with the official site, which made me realise I could show my work myself. I have never had a blog before so any suggestions would be of benefit to me and my readers.

I plan on adding my creations beginning with the most recent and will eventually get around to adding the older stuff. It may a take me a while but I will get there in the end. I will of course be creating new builds too.

As a creator, it is of great benefit for me to receive comments on my work. This helps me become a better builder and to get an understanding of what downloaders want. Ultimately this benefits you, the downloaders of my work, making for happy simmers. So please remember to leave me a message.

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Its always good to hear what other simmers have to say about my creations. It helps me improve and also gives me an idea of what downloaders are looking for. Please leave me a comment!